What are the advantages of an offshore server?

There are many options for hosting your website. Apart from the type of hosting (shared, dedicated and cloud-based), many website owners prefer hosting their website in a different country. Many reasons support this choice, but what can be the advantages of an offshore server?

Offshore Server: what should you expect?

An offshore server is a server located in a country far from the owner’s. There are many reasons for hosting one’s website far away from one’s country. Some practice it not only in order to increase their business and avoid DDoS attacks but also for the seek of freedom and security.

Low cost

The cost and price of an offshore hosting is low and provides reduced rates to your customers provided you choose the right country or city. In fact, there are some cities and countries whose taxation policies  are more attractive than others, Hong Kong for example. Web hosts like KoDDos that can provide you very low taxes. Everything depends on the country where you live or where your business is settled in and where you want to have your website hosted.

Anonymity and Freedom

For your personal safety, you need to seek web hosts or servers that promote anonymity. You really need this particularly to avoid being at the center of controls when you know that you use your website for forbidden things somehow or to publish pieces of information that strongly criticise or can prejudice a powerful individual, a government or a company. It then gives you freedom to publish and say everything you want without being detected. You also need to hide your personal identity and information about you to avoid identity theft. This kind of protection is also to keep you away from financial dommages.


A good offshore server should be reliable. This particularly concerns the location of the website hoster or the server. Indeed, it is important to know that natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, tornadoes and others, as dangerous as they are, can harm your site and even your web activities. So, it is preferable to settle your website in another area if you live in such an area. You can rely on KoDDoS offshore servers for that.

Customer Preferences and Load Time

If you target a remote area with the intention of enlarging your business or your activities, offshore servers help you to somehow be closer to your potential customers’ country and help you be in contact with what they prefer. Also, hosting in or closer to the area you want to sell in, helps your site to quickly load. That way, your customers would not feel bored and let your site down.